Audit & Assurance Services

Audit & Assurance Services

MAT provides audit services to both local and international companies. We have a dedicated team of Myanmar CPA’s and our experience covers a wide range of industries.

Our audit services include:

Statutory Annual Audits
MAT uses the International Standard on Auditing and good practices for performing the statutory audit services to ensure that we provide a comprehensive and value added service to all of our audit clients. On the completion of our audit, you will receive a report detailing matters for concern and providing recommendations as to how you can improve your internal controls and accounting procedures.

Financial Due Diligence
Our audit professionals have completed many financial due diligences for clients prior to their acquisition of new business entities in Myanmar.

Special Reviews
In addition to traditional audit services, our audit professionals are experienced in the delivery of assurance and attest engagements in accordance with a scope of work determined by our client.