Governance, Risk and Control

Governance, Risk and Control

Many organizations face a wide range of risks that may impair their objectives. It is a business necessity to put in place frameworks, processes and controls and to provide training to manage risk in order to minimize the occurrence and effects of events and threats faced by an organization.

Internal Audit
We have a dedicated team of expert and technically sound internal auditors having served numerous of companies in different sectors, such as trading, manufacturing, media, banking and financial service, construction, airlines, breeder farm, retail business and distribution, etc.
We are value-oriented and committed to quality. We have a risk-based approach and use advanced methodologies.

  • Provision of Outsourced Internal Audit services.
  • Development of risk-based Internal Audit Plans specific to your needs.
  • Advising your management team on developing workable internal controls that enhance the control environment as well how to implement an effective and secured internal control environment.
  • Regulatory Compliance

Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Corporate Governance is the system by which the organization is directed and controlled in the best interests of all stakeholders. We provide the suitable governance structure for our clients based on international corporate governance principles and practices.

Formulating/ Modifying Internal Control System
Internal Control is the system that help to achieve the objectives of the business. We provide the dynamic internal control system set up to all our clients.